Da Lhasa testimonianze via Twitter

P. gestisce una struttura a Lhasa e sta aggiornando la sua situazione via Twitter:

Un’ora fa, ore 20 circa (ora italiana) ha scritto:

“said the market & suprmarket in Lhasa North insisted NOT 2 raise price now coz they simply don’t want to profit from the sufferings! But some people are making $$ out of the situation, Y6 (norm Y2) for milk, Y30 (norm Y12) for pork. Are they nuts?”

Oltre a problemi legati al cibo segnala anche un black-out che dura da 60 ore:

No electrcty for 60 hrs & LPG was finished, we could only use the lamppost to boil some hot water for the instant noodles. Waiting is long”.